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Who We Are

Life Chapel is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational, bible-based, outreach-oriented congregation with the full expression of true worship of the one, true, living God.

We are a gathering of all manner of persons from all walks of life for a mighty outreach and a tremendous revival in our hedonistic communities. God has set us on a mission, which is simply, “Transforming lives through biblical illumination and igniting generations with passion for global evangelization.”

We look forward to stirring in people the hunger for lost souls and empowering them to reach out to the world with the gospel. Our quest to fulfill the Great Commission includes but is not limited to preaching the gospel to lost souls, discipling and equipping believers for the work of ministry, feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the destitute and healing the brokenhearted.

We believe that every soul is worth reaching out to, and that any soul can be a tool in God’s hands for tremendous ministry!!