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Our Mission/Vision


Transforming Lives, Impacting Generations  



Transforming lives through biblical illumination and igniting generations with passion for global evangelization. 



1. We envision a multi-ethnic congregation with the full expression of true worship of the one, true, living God. 

2. We envision a church with consistent growth through the systematic teaching of the unadulterated word of God. 

3. We envision a people with hunger for souls, who will reach out to the world with the gospel. 

4. We envision a fellowship of loving, caring believers who will embrace one another regardless of color, culture or status. 

5. We envision an orderly congregation that is focused on reverencing God, honoring worthy elders and respecting each other.  

6. We envision a relevant, governing church that will positively impact the community, including taking care of the homeless, the sick, the incarcerated, the elderly and wayward youth. 

7. We envision a congregation that will discover, develop and deploy leaders that will rise to high echelons in the society, as well as a place where church leaders are apt to teach and excellent in interpersonal relationships.